We manufacture picture frames made from reclaimed timber in Cape Town...
since 1996

Wir produzieren Bilderrahmen aus Altholz in Kapstadt, Südafrika... seit 1996

Reclaiming Resources

Empowering People

Preserving Beauty

Vintage picture frames

About Luna Designs

Luna Designs handcrafts picture frames and shabby-chic style photo frames from reclaimed timber.

We are dedicated to preserving the original patina of the reclaimed wood we buy, and the unique character of our vintage frames reflects this passion.

Whether from the deck of a ship, an old ceiling or an antique fence, each piece tells its own story.
The wooden mouldings collected for our shabby chic picture frames are carefully stored and processed on our farm north of Cape Town. The dry conditions in the semi-desert ensure that the wood is well preserved and dried before being made into the beautiful rustic reclaimed wooden picture frames.

Each strip of wood is carefully selected and prepared before being crafted into a unique vintage-look frame. The frames are fumigated in a two-step process that involves both heat and chemical treatment before returning to Cape Town to be cleaned and polished. After that, they are ready to be packed for our customers around the world.

The founders

Brian & Mark Fanner

In 1996, brothers Mark and Brian Fanner founded Luna Designs with the intention of creating sustainable jobs in a labour-intensive industry.

Since then, their company has been producing handmade rustic picture frames from recycled wood. The frames are made with great attention to detail in a contemporary industrial style that goes well with modern and shabby chic interiors.

Frame production

The people at Luna Designs

The working atmosphere at Luna Designs is one of respect and trust, free from discrimination. Our management style is responsible and supportive. 

Our employees receive a fixed salary and all the benefits prescribed by South African labour law, including paid holidays, sick leave and other benefits.

Most of our suppliers are homeless and unemployed people who collect wood waste in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Luna pays these suppliers directly instead of using middlemen.

"Luna Designs is committed to fulfilling economic, social and environmental goals.

By efficiently recycling wood waste and selling quality products made from the waste wood we collect, we can not only contribute to waste reduction, but also give many people hope for the future."

Mark Fanner

Memories of the most beautiful moments of life

Reclaimed wood picture frames from Luna Designs are not only suitable for photos

Ideas for designing picture walls

The Petersburger Hanging

The St Petersburg hanging, whose name goes back to the lavishly hung walls of the St Petersburg Hermitage, refers to a particularly close arrangement of picture frames.

These often reach up to the ceiling and the frames of the works or photographs hang close together. The St Petersburg hanging, (also called salon hanging) , looks simple, but a lot of planning goes into such a design.

We recommend a distance between the picture frames of 4 to 10 cm within a picture wall.

B2B - Luna Designs picture frames for your retail business

Would you to like to offer Luna Designs picture frames to your customers?

Luna Designs old wood picture frames are shipped across Europe from our warehouse in Berlin. Our philosophy is to promote the longevity of the brand and the products. By selling to explicitly small and individual retail shops, we manage to keep the demand constant and maintain this philosophy since 2007.

Ethical business practices meet digital innovation

Doing business ethically doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of digital opportunities.

Whether you have a physical retail shop and/or an online shop, we offer you plenty of options.

Choose the frames in our retailer shop to fit your business. In other words: "The one you see is the one you get". If you operate an online shop, it is possible for us, for certain shop systems, to make our picture frames available for sale in your shop and to deliver them by dropshipping. Find out more in a personal conversation.

  1. We send the Luna Designs picture frames to your online shop (no need for action on your side - it all happens automatically)
  2. Your customer orders picture frames in your online shop
  3. The sale is reported to us and the ordered picture instantly becomes inactive in all other online shops
  4. We send the picture frames to your customer
  5. At the end of the month, we send you a collective invoice for sold picture frames at agreed prices

Contact & Imprint

Luna Design Company Europe is represented by:

Project Sixto GmbH
Alt-Buch 45-51
13125 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 440 34 620

Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Registriernummer HRB 198598 B

Geschäftsführende Gesellschafter: 
Andreas David & Benjamin Rüggeberg

USt.-ID DE319992098

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Photos: Benjamin Rüggeberg, Andreas David

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